19, portland, trans kid.
going by the name buddy
calling a small college town home
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literally like. i’m not ~~~attracted to~~~ my friends but. they’re all attractive. like, wow. fuck. i am surrounded by hot people. i hope other people see how hot my friends are. i hope they see us in a group and are like “holy shit. so many hot people. hot as stars. that’s less of a clique and more of a constellation”

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i am genuinely paranoid that everyone secretly hates me and thinks i am really annoying and ugly and is pretending to be my friend and it’s all part of some big joke

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Straight sex is so weird

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Me about every decision I’ve ever made


Me about every decision I’ve ever made

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yoooooo totally in a manic episode AND I ran out of meds and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get them tomorrow and I’m behind in all of my classes in just the third week because I’ve missed stuff and haven’t had time to do homework because I’ve been going to the doctor’s like every fucking day and this heart monitor is annoying as shit and I have wires all up in my shirt and I can’t sleep now
jesus h fucking christ too many things are happening all the time, I just want a break

“I do not want to be human. I want to be myself. They think I am a lion, that I will chase them. I will not deny I have lions in me. I am the monster in the wood. I have wonders in my house of sugar. I have parts of myself I do not yet understand.”

—   Catherynne M. Valente, Silently and Very Fast (via teenager90s)

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